Proposed Bylaw by Memorial and Honorarium Committee

Congregation: please examine and read the following Bylaw proposed by the Memorial and Honorarium Committee to be voted on at our June Annual Meeting. 

B13.01.01 Nominating Committee – the Nominating Committee is responsible for selecting
candidates for the congregational Council and its officers. It shall also nominate a
candidate(s) for the Mutual Ministry and Memorial and Honorarium Committees.

  • The newly elected Nominating Committee will hold its convening meeting no later than 180 days prior to the annual meeting.
  • The Nominating Committee will solicit input and direction from the Congregation Council regarding future personnel needs of the Council.
  • No later than 120 days prior to the annual meeting the Nominating Committee will inform the congregation that openings will exist on the Congregation Council, Mutual Ministry and Memorial and Honorarium Committees, and that interested voting members should be identified to the Nominating Council.
  • No lather than 90 days prior to the annual meeting, Congregation Council members seeking reelection to a second term or seeking the office of President, will be identified to the Nominating Committee.
  • The Nominating Committee will prayerfully evaluate each candidate’s qualifications ever mindful of, and balancing the needs of, the Congregation Council and desires of the Congregation.
  • No later than 30 days prior to the annual meeting the Nominating Committee will provide the Congregation Council and Congregation with the names of candidates running for positions on the Congregation Council, and the names of current Congregation Council members running for the office of President, and Mutual Ministry and Memorial and Honorarium Committee candidate(s).
  • The Nominating Committee will prepare written ballots and serve as tellers at the annual meeting election.

B13.02.01. Audit Committee – the Audit Committee shall conduct a financial compliance review,
which is comprised of a number of tests of the various transactions that occurred during
the year. These tests shall lead to an opinion about the appropriateness of the financial
statements. This shall be reported to the Council annually.

  • Examines and reviews all financial statements.
  • Conducts the annual audit or exercises supervision and oversees the work of the audit if it is conducted by an outside accounting firm or individual congregants.
  • Examines all insurance policies and prepares a schedule of the insurance coverage.
  • Inspects and examines securities and investments.
  • Prepares a schedule of the securities and investments for review by the finance committee.
  • Reports its findings in writing to the church council with supporting schedules and recommendations for change and improvement.
  • Verifies that the congregation complies with federal and state tax laws and regulations.

B13.03.01. Mutual Ministry Committee – the whole people of God have a ministry with and to one
another. It is a mutual ministry. Out of this theological awareness emerges the rationale
behind a congregational mutual ministry committee.
The functions of this committee shall be:

  • Provide for an annual evaluation and theological reflection upon the ministry of the Pastor and the mission of the congregation.
  • Provide for periodic review of the call extended to the Pastor.
  • Serve as a personal and confidential support group to the Pastor.
  • Serving as an open communication channel regarding conditions and attitudes within the congregation.
  • Reviewing annually the details of compensation, housing, pension and other benefits provided to the Pastor.
  • Serving as agents of reconciliation in time of conflict in the congregation.
  • Sharing with the Pastor and lay professional the expectations of the congregation.
  • Identifying continuing education possibilities for the Pastor or the congregation.

B13.04.01. Memorial and Honorarium Committee- Shall consist of 6 voting members of this
Congregation. Members shall be elected by the Congregation to serve a term of two years,
terms to be staggered so that 2 new members are elected to the Memorial and Honorarium
Committee at the annual meeting. Committee members will be eligible for reelection, but
not to serve more than 6 consecutive years. The Committee shall elect its officers, which
shall consist of Chair, Co-chair, Secretary and Treasurer, with terms of two years. Officers
shall be eligible for reelection but will not serve more than 4 years consecutively.

Memorial and Honorarium Committee members shall serve as a conduit for the receipt of
donations and gifts to Waters of Life Lutheran church. All gifts or donations received will
be acknowledged and a permanent record will be created. The record will identify the
purpose of the gift, honorarium or memorial, and note whether the gift is designated to a
specific need of the church. The Committee, on behalf of the church, will humbly and
prayerfully, accepts all gifts and donations.

Designated gifts shall be used for the sole purpose intended by the donor. If a donor’s
request cannot be readily accommodated, that donor will be contacted and permission will
be sought to divert the gift to an identified need of the church. The donor may refuse any
change of designation request. Lacking an agreed upon change of designation, the gift will
be returned to the donor.

The Committee will seek the guidance of, and make recommendation to, the church council
regarding the use of undesignated gifts or donations.

The mission of the Memorial and Honorarium Committee shall be to seek, to serve and
enhance our church community by assisting potential donors in the selection, designation,
and appropriation of their special gifts.