What's Happening This Week...

Welcome to Dan & Lil Holm!

Dan has agreed to work as our Youth and Family Minister. Dan is a recently retired Pastor from Kenwood Lutheran. His 30+ years in ministry give him great insight into ministry with families and youth. 

Moms & Dads, Kids, Grandparents and Friends,

My name is Dan Holm and I would like to invite you to a gathering of all who are interested in building a solid foundation for all our young people at Waters of Life. I have just joined the church staff as the Youth and Family Minister. We are starting a new chapter with intentional ministry focused on you. My hope is to build a multi-generational fun and effective Christian Ministry.

No matter how young or not young you are... you are invited for cake and ice cream at Waters of Life thisThursday Sept 6th at 7:00 pm. We want and need your input for a successful launch of this new vision. It will take time probably about a year to build the foundation for the future of our youth ministry. It will take the entire congregation, council and pastoral support to make this new ministry a success. So we will start slow and build together this new vision over time.

Too busy? I understand, but we still need your voice. I look forward to getting to know you and our families in this exciting adventure. See you Thursday!  

God Bless. Dan Holm