Council Meeting Minutes

Waters of Life Council Meeting Minutes August 11, 2015


 Members Present:  Linda Britton, Tim Martenson, Jim Bruning, Debbie Dahlgren, Deb Skoglund, Sally Halvorson

 Others Present:  Linda Bergstrand, Ron Osborne 

Meeting was called to order by President Linda Britton at 6:30 p.m.

 Pastor Tim led with an opening prayer.


3.     Approval of Minutes

MOTION made by Sally Halvorson and seconded by Jim Bruning to approve the July minutes as presented.  Motion carried.


4.     Treasurer’s Report

Deb Skoglund distributed and reviewed the financial report as of July 31, 2015.  Total Waters of Life [WOL] & Bubbling Brook Child Care Center [BBCC] year-to-date receipts are $285,980.30 and year-to-date expenses are $290,909.69.  Bills from Northern GroundSource Inc. are included.  Four bills were received from them but only one had to do with the digging situation.  It was noted the church is 10 years old and things are going to need to be replaced/repaired.  MOTION made by Pastor Tim and seconded by Sally Halvorson to have Cyndi Hanson, Lisa Harma, and Mary Peterson serve on the Audit Committee.  Motion Carried.   MOTION made by Jim Bruning and seconded by Sally Halvorson to accept the treasurer’s report.  Motion carried.


5.     Other Business

Heating/Cooling System Followup

Sally Halvorson noted and expressed appreciation that Lakehead Trucking was here all day to dig up and backfill the geo thermal system for the leak repair and billed lower than the quote. Dene and Sally Halvorson paid the bill of $1,125 as a donation to the church.



Sally Halvorson indicated permission has been received to dig the cattails out of the pond.  Lakehead Trucking can do either this fall or next spring.  MOTION made by Sally Halvorson and seconded by Jim Bruning that the digging of the pond begin when the equipment is available.  Motion carried.  There is room for the columbarium now that the exact location of the geo is known.  Sharon Lindberg can assemble the task force again. 


Bubbling Brook

Linda Bergstrand reported they are starting a plan to replace furniture.  A changing table for the toddler room has been ordered as well as new child-care specific carpet for the infant room.  They are considering a mini couch and chair for reading.  Dads Electronics is running the wire with assistance from Ed Knutsen.  Systems will be more reliable and parents will be able to unlock the door.  There will be a rate increase in September which will become annual.  Another grant has been applied for that would enable the purchase of swings for the playground.  Ron Osborne indicated the need for the plastic removal from donated glossy materials.


Facility Update

Jim Bruning, serving as liaison between the Council and Facility Maintenance Ministry Team (F-Troop), distributed a list of completed, in progress, and potential projects.


Ron Osborne indicated the storage trailer and shed are cleaned out and there were four purchases for a total of $55.  The Boundary Waters Canoe Trip group selects a “theme” each year and this year would like to do a church service project and is open to suggestions.  It was noted that a snow fence is available to be used road-side of the property for when the BBCC kids play in that area and the broken window has been fixed. The need for better signage was discussed both for identifying the church and also the use of security signs.  Steve and Linda Hadley are donating the purchase of a chair to replace the broken one that was in the fireside room.


There are about 12 people who help with maintenance at the church and Jim passed around a list of people/companies that can be contacted when there is a need for their services.  That list will be updated and a name will be included as the main contact.  He emphasized that the building is getting older and more things will need to be addressed.  It is important the congregation is involved in upkeep and decision-making.  Jim will compile a list of items that could be included in a survey for congregational input.


It was agreed that the Council will deal with legal-type issues and the maintenance group should work on the other projects listed as needing immediate attention.


6.     New Business

Wild Game Feed

A tentative date of October 24th was discussed for the Wild Game Feed.  Lori Dowd will work on the silent auction but needs help.  Linda Britton indicated there will be more structure in the sign up for food items.  Rolls and desserts will be set on each individual table.


Stewardship Program

Pastor Tim discussed the premise of the Macedonia Project which will be used for the stewardship kickoff beginning in November.  Emphasis is placed on the need to become a better disciple of the resources that have been given to us by God.  It’s not only about money but about time and talents as well; to use our gifts to better the lives of others.

 7.     Pastor Tim and members closed with the Lord’s Prayer.

8.     Meeting adjourned at 7:44 p.m.

 The next Council meeting will be September 8 at 6:30 p.m.

 Respectively submitted by

Debbie Dahlgren