Council Meeting Minutes

April 14, 2015 Council Minutes


The church council meeting was called to order by President Eric Kaiser at 6:30 pm April 14, 2015.  Members present were Eric Kaiser, Pastor Tim, Deb Skoglund, Steve Hadley, and Linda Britton.  Also present were Linda Bergstrand and Dawn Sathers.


Pastor Tim led us in devotions.



Motion by Pastor Tim, second by Steve Hadley to approve minutes from the March council meeting.  Motion carried.


Treasurer’s Report

Deb Skoglund reported the receivables and disbursement numbers are continuing on as we had expected.  The Easter offering is not included and thus the April figures will be the start of better numbers.  Motion by Pastor Tim, second by Steve Hadley to accept the treasurer’s report.  Motion carried.


Bubbling Brook Child Care Center

Linda Bergstrand and Dawn Sathers presented the 2015 budget to the council.  The report listed the different child groups with the current rate per day with a $1.50 day increase September 1 included in the totals.  The total estimated revenue for 2015 is $243,181.50.  The total for expenses for the year are estimated at $239,542.44 which this year include room budgets and an amount for repairs.  The budget includes an Angel Loan payment of $2,000 per year.  Along with the $10,000 Angel Loan there is $3,300 grant money to be used towards playground equipment that is needed to meet MN Dept. of Human Services Child Care license rules.  It is expected there will be about $3,000 profit at the end of the year.

Linda stressed that volunteers are welcome to help at the day care and the congregation will be informed of this also.

Dawn explained that the center is looking in to the “go fund me” program to help purchase the playground equipment.    



Pastor Tim explained to members of the youth homelessness problem in Duluth and the work that is now being done to build a place for them to live, get counseling, and a start to make their life better.  For now there is no money needed from the church but at a future time Pastor Tim will ask someone from the homelessness project to speak to the congregation.

Steve Hadley reports he has spoken with someone from “Brush with Kindness” and at this time there are no known projects in our area at this time.  We will hold off on this work until we are able to find a project in our area.


Eric reports the church cleaning will begin at 8 am on Saturday morning.  Eric recently had a repair company to look at the kitchen range and was informed we need to have the pilot lights on in order to prevent an explosion in the kitchen.  Eric is checking on installing an electronic ignition on the range.  


To prepare for the annual meeting in June, Eric and Pastor Tim will have a draft of the presentation for the May council meeting.


The next council meeting will be May 12 at 6:30 pm.

Following the Lord’s Prayer the meeting was adjourned at 8:00 pm.


Respectfully submitted,

Linda Britton