Council Meeting Minutes

March 10th 2015 Council Minutes

Waters of Life Church Council Meeting

March 10, 2015.


Call to Order at 6:30 p.m.

Members Present

Justin Dahl, Deb Skoglund, Steve Hadley, Tim Martinson, Eric Kaiser, Linda Bergstrand, Guests: Dawn, Patty Anderson, John Sternal, Tom Knuckey


Devotions (Tim)


Bubbling Brook Child Care Center

Budget is still in question as to what we can project for revenue/expense report for 2015.  Inspector went through and found a few minor areas for improvement and they have been corrected.  We are going to get a visit from the Commissioner of Education and the State Department of Health/Human Services on Friday as recognition for our Child Care.  Linda will give us an update on the budget next month.


Nominating Committee

Nominating committee had first meeting two weeks ago.  Lisa Harma is considering taking on the treasurer role.  Deb is staying on as Treasurer if she gets help with bookwork.  Eric and Steve have completed their terms and are considering a second term but both are concerned about a 3 year commitment. 


Approval of Minutes

Moved by Justin, second by Tim – approved


Treasurer’s Report

Continue to run a deficit in Church budget and Bubbling Brook.  Looking at options to either reduce programs or increase revenue.  March/April should be better months for revenue in church.  We will look getting more information from the childcare program.


Evangelism/Outreach Update

Five K run is set up for week before Grandma’s Marathon – Saturday, June 13th

Brush with kindness is still in progress. Begin push in April


Facilities Update

New freezer is in place. 


Old/New Business

Approved memorial committee fund distribution form  Motion by Steve, second by Tim


Adjourn 8:15 PM







Bubbling Brook Questions


What is the average Daily Membership?

What is the total number of paying members?

What is the cost/hour to the client?

What is the Costs/hour of childcare/child to us?

What are Costs/day?

Part time costs hourly?  Based on 3 days? 

How is the program staffed?

Why is there over-time?

Cost per student for lunch.

Cost for cook included in lunch costs?

What are the total number of employees?  Full or Part time?

Are we providing employee lunch costs?

Why do we do part time child care when many others don’t?

What can we do to make this program at least cost neutral?

Can we continue to operate a food service program?