Council Meeting Minutes

Waters of Life Council Meeting Minutes June 9, 2015

Members Present:  Linda Britton, Tim Martenson, Jim Bruning, Debbie Dahlgren, Deb Skoglund, Justin Dahl, Sally Halvorson

Others Present:  Linda Bergstrand, Steve Hadley, Dene Halvorson, Stephanie Van Staagen


1.     Meeting was called to order by President Linda Britton at 6:30 p.m.

2.     Pastor Tim led with an opening prayer.

3.     Approval of Minutes

MOTION made by Deb Skoglund and seconded by Pastor Tim to approve the May minutes as presented.  Motion carried.

4.     Treasurer’s Report

Deb Skoglund distributed and reviewed the financial report as of May 31, 2015.  Total Waters of Life [WOL] & Bubbling Brook Child Care Center [BBCC] year-to-date receipts are $197,538.90 and year-to-date expenses are $190,846.91.  She noted that twice a year BBCC has three billing and three pay cycles because they are done every other week so July will look a little different.  Also, all BBCC families had to be on auto-pay by the end of May so that has helped with receipts.  BBCC income has been steadily climbing.  MOTION made by Sally Halvorson and seconded by Pastor Tim to accept the treasurer’s report.  Motion carried.

5.     Unfinished Business

6.     New Business

Linda Britton handed out summaries of purpose, responsibility, etc. of ministry teams.


Sally Halvorson indicated we need to follow the Constitution as closely as possible.  A prime example was the nomination process at the annual meeting.  The written ballot prepared by the Nomination Committee was not used.  Sally distributed copies of the ballot to the Council.  Comments were that it was an excellent and informative document and should be used in the future.  People need to be engaged and feel part of the process and have the ability to write in nominations.  Suggestions included providing ballots the week before the meeting or handing out a packet at the door at the annual meeting that includes the ballot and other appropriate materials for the meeting.

How the Nominating Committee is established by the Constitution was reviewed and it was noted that Linda, Justin, and Deb from the current Council will be on the Nominating Committee next year.  Also, the current Council President is on the Mutual Ministry Committee.

It was noted that the Audit Committee did not report at the annual meeting.  This lead to a discussion that there was an audit committee but after the professional audit was completed that committee lapsed.  Names were suggested for the committee and to continue using the same audit format.  Deb Skoglund will submit names for the Audit Committee at the next meeting. It was noted that the budget is getting big enough to need a professional yearly audit and expense was discussed.

Steve Hadley indicated there is a need to set up a task force/committee to review the Constitution and Bylaws.  Any revisions in the Constitution have to be approved by the Synod but changes to the Bylaws can be changed with less formality.  One person from that committee should serve as parliamentarian and the committee would serve at the pleasure of the Council.  Continuing resolutions regarding BBCC can be done.  MOTION made by Justin Dahl and seconded by Pastor Tim that a Constitution and Bylaws Ministry Team be created with Steve Hadley as parliamentarian.  Motion carried.  Steve will present more information at the next Council meeting.

Bubbling Brook Child Care Center

The BBCC is moving in the right direction but there is a need for structure and better communication. Linda Bergstrand indicated they have been working on bylaws but nothing has been formally written.  They want to get their thoughts and processes down and then get others’ input.


It was noted that the BBCC is under the direction of the Council and not a separate entity.  The need for term limits and rotations on the BBCC board was presented.  A healthy long-term relationship needs to be developed that benefits everyone.  Justin Dahl suggested a mailing be sent to the congregation regarding what’s happening in BBCC with a cover letter indicating the church’s support.

Stephanie Van Staagen indicated that about 75% of paying BBCC members have joined WOL.  They have parents on their board. The director, Danielle, is fantastic.  BBCC slots are full and they have just been licensed to have 15 more school-age children (they have 15 already).  During the school year the school bus makes a stop at BBCC.  This coming Sunday BBCC will be giving a report to the congregation.  If anyone has questions or concerns about BBCC they should contact Stephanie or Linda.

MOTION made by Deb Skoglund and seconded by Sally Halvorson to have Steve Hadley, as parliamentarian, work directly with BBCC and the Council to establish BBCC bylaws.  Motion carried.

The process used to purchase the playground equipment was discussed.  Linda Bergstrand indicated the need for better communication but didn’t feel comfortable saying everything she had planned at the last meeting and they feel they have not been supported in the past.  BBCC representatives brought information to the Council last December but it was tabled.  The need for the equipment was due to a licensing requirement.  Because of a crunch in timeline, a 30% savings by acting quickly, and a generous donation the equipment was ordered.  They were not aware of the process indicated in the Bylaws.

Pastor Tim indicated this created a good learning/teaching moment and we need to go forward and work together.

Justin Dahl suggested we need to recognize that BBCC is a business and sometimes they have to make quick decisions so we need to figure out how that fits in a nonprofit model.  Can they be governed by our Constitution when they have different needs and licensing requirements?  The congregation needs to know that the Council supports BBCC and it is one of our missions. 

While it’s not the intent to micromanage them, they are accountable to the church and big ticket items need to come before the Council.  Ongoing vs one-time expenses should be considered differently.  It was noted that a copy of the licensing regulations that was requested has never been shared.

Annual Meeting

A member of the congregation commented that the annual meeting should not be rushed.  It’s the only time the congregation has the ability to provide input and it’s an educational opportunity.  Also, committee reports need to be presented and nominees for the Council should be introduced.

Discretionary Fund

Deb Skoglund requested a discretionary amount for which the treasurer could write a check without Council approval.  She indicated she doesn’t think all the playground equipment expenses have been presented to her.  She was given authorization to pay remaining playground expenses with the understanding that any fund-raising money would go into the general church funds.  MOTION by Justin Dahl and seconded by Jim Bruning to give treasurer authorization to pay up to $1,000 for a bill received from BBCC or the maintenance team and if she has questions or concerns should consult with the Pastor or a Council member.  Motion carried.

Small GroupsBecause there are no summer small groups there is no scheduled help with church duties. A signup sheet has been passed during worship but more help is needed.  Suggestion was made to have the different ministry teams take turns.


Facility Maintenance Ministry Team—

Pastor Tim provided information and history on the gas stove pilot light issue.

Jim Bruning, a member of the F-troop, indicated the church is getting older and things are going to need to be repaired or replaced.  A priority list needs to be made and a structure established to deal with this issue.  There is a line item in the budget for maintenance.  Jim will bring information to the next Council meeting.

7.     Pastor Tim and members closed with the Lord’s Prayer.

8.     MOTION made by Sally Halvorson and seconded by Linda Britton to adjourn at 8:38 p.m.

The next Council meeting will be July 14 at 6:30 p.m.

Respectively submitted by

Debbie Dahlgren

Approved 7/14/2015