Council Meeting Minutes

Waters of Life Council Meeting Minutes July 14, 2015

Members Present:  Linda Britton, Tim Martenson, Debbie Dahlgren, Deb Skoglund, Justin Dahl, Sally Halvorson

 Others Present:  Linda Bergstrand, Steve Hadley, Dene Halvorson, Kim Hambrick, Rick Hanson, Andrew Lucero, Ron Osborne


1.     Meeting was called to order by President Linda Britton at 6:30 p.m.


2.     Pastor Tim led with an opening prayer.


3.     Approval of Minutes

MOTION made by Pastor Tim and seconded by Sally Halvorson to approve the June minutes as presented.  Motion Carried.


4.     Treasurer’s Report

Deb Skoglund distributed and reviewed the financial report as of June 30, 2015.  Total Waters of Life [WOL] & Bubbling Brook Child Care Center [BBCC] year-to-date receipts are $246,151.80 and year-to-date expenses are $232,572.88.  The church has a deficit of ($7,087.06) and BBCC has a surplus of $20,665.98.  July is different because of three billing and three pay cycles.  BBCC has started to show an average profit of $3,000-4,000 a month.  It was noted that the original plan was that BBCC would show a surplus.  Church expenses/income varies more than the BBCC.  MOTION made by Sally Halvorson and seconded by Pastor Tim to accept the treasurer’s report.  Motion carried.


Discussion followed on the need for a stewardship push (not related to a capital campaign).  Deb indicated it would be nice to have a cushion for expenses. Historically stewardship drives start in September or October.  Pastor Tim is interested in using the Macedonia Project model which looks at stewardship in a broad context.  He will try to bring information to next meeting.


Deb has talked to Lisa Harma and Mary Peterson who both indicated they would be willing to serve on the Audit Committee.  It was noted a member of that committee cannot be on the Council.  Cyndi Hanson’s name was suggested and Rick Hanson will ask her if she would consider being the third member on the committee.  Approval of committee members tabled until a third member has been selected.


5.     Other Business

Columbarium/Fire Water Retention Pond

Dene Halvorson gave a summary of the purpose of the fire water retention pond and current need to clean up the overgrowth of cattails.  There’s also a concern about the low water level.  Discussion followed regarding if there is a need to contact any government groups for permits, etc. and the need to proceed correctly even if it takes more time so no fines are incurred.  Linda Britton will schedule a meeting with herself, Dene Halvorson, and State Fire Marshall Glen Bergstrand for his recommendations on how to proceed.


Dene stated that the columbarium is on hold at this time.


Geothermal System

Dene Halvorson gave a report on the history of the construction of the geothermal system and the current issue.  Appropriate people have been contacted and a solution proposed with minimum cost and with speedy completion.  MOTION made by Linda Britton and seconded by Deb Skoglund to have Dene Halvorson work with the contractor by turning valves and Rick Hanson arrange a contract with Lakehead.  Motion carried.


Facility Update

It was noted that the baseboard in the sanctuary needs to be fixed, gutters by day care center need to be cleaned, and there is a BBCC window with a spider-web crack that needs to be replaced.  Rick Hanson has information on window replacement.


Lewis/Hambrick Wedding

Kim Hambrick distributed a memo with an overview of their wedding plans and requested support from the church.  MOTION made by Deb Skoglund and seconded by Linda Britton to ask for necessary support from the congregation.  Motion carried.  No parking on the road was discussed and that information can be displayed on the church sign and a notice on the church’s door.


Bubbling Brook Child Care Center

Linda Bergstrand reported the summer program is going well.  Included in their budget are plans to replace, in phases, some furniture pieces that are six years old.  Cookie dough fund raiser was a success ($600) and another $90 was raised through a Pampered Chef party and the shiny paper collection continues.  She reconfirmed that a lock/key pad is being installed by running a computer line which will also speed up billing.  Ed Knudsen should be contacted regarding the placement of the line.  The next rate increase is scheduled September 1.  Pastor Tim emphasized the money numbers are amazing.



Steve Hadley indicated Sally Halvorson and Marilyn Bergmann are willing to serve on the Constitution and Bylaws Ministry Team and he recommended the following tasks for the team:  1) Meet with BBCC to set up their bylaws.  A special congregational meeting could be called to approve them (could be combined with one for the Senior Living proposal).  A simple majority vote is all that’s needed for approval.  2) Set up a time table: should convene after the Synod meeting (May) and the national meeting (end of August) to go over proposed changes.  National changes are suggested; we don’t have to adopt them.  3) Serve at the Council’s pleasure.  Pastor Tim agreed with tasks presented.  Eric Kaiser had prepared recommendations for the BBCC bylaws and Sally will see that Steve gets a copy.  She also indicated bylaws will need to be established for the Constitution and Bylaws Ministry Team regarding structure and organization.  MOTION made by Pastor Tim and seconded by Linda Britton to approve Steve Hadley, Sally Halvorson, and Marilyn Bergmann as members of the Constitution/Bylaws Ministry Team.  Motion carried.  The team will begin officially meeting in October with members of BBCC but will get together before then.


Wild Game Dinner

A gambling license is being worked on and Linda Britton is reviewing a better way to arrange for food contributions.


Pastor Absences

Pastor Tim announced he will be gone the next two Sundays and the last two Sundays in August.


Disposal of Miscellaneous Materials

Ron Osborne indicated there are a variety of items over the hill in the back of the church and in the shed that the church is not using.  He is willing to see if anyone wants anything and dispose of the rest.  MOTION made by Pastor Tim and seconded by Linda Britton to have Ron conduct a silent auction for the materials and take the remaining to the dump.  Motion carried.


Church Duties

Linda thanked everyone for their help with church duties last Sunday and the Memorial Committee and the F-Troop were asked if they could each take a turn.  Steve Hadley indicated the need for people who have signed up for fellowship/coffee duties to know if others have signed up to help in that area.  Linda will check with Mary to see if she could phone those who have signed up to remind them and to let them know if others will be helping.


Council Retreat

Pastor Tim indicated he will work on setting up a Council Retreat.  He would like to have it this fall, Friday-Saturday, at Camp Hiawatha which is north of Grand Rapids.  It would be a visionary and spiritual retreat.


6.     Pastor Tim and members closed with the Lord’s Prayer.


7.     Meeting adjourned at 8:20 p.m.


The next Council meeting will be August 11 at 6:30.



Respectively submitted by

Debbie Dahlgren


Approved August 11, 2015