Council Meeting Minutes

September 8th Council Meeting

The church council meeting was called to order by President Eric Kaiser at 6:30 pm August 11, 2014.  Members present were Eric Kaiser, Steve Hadley, Justin Dahl, Deb Skoglund, Sally Halvorson, and Linda Britton.  Also present were Linda Bergstrand, Sharon Lindberg, and Dan Schlichting.

Eric led us in devotions.

Motion by Steve Hadley, second by Justin Dahl to approve minutes from the August council meeting.  Motion carried.

Treasurer’s Report

Deb Skoglund reports there has been additional giving to help on the extra bills from the past winter.  Dan Schlichting informed the council on what we would need to do in order to change to propane suppliers.  One suggestion would be to make certain the dollar amount quoted on the contract from Superior Fuel holds true then complete the year with them as there is propane in the tank now.  If it was decided to change to Curtis Dan reports he would change to a smaller tank due to the current usage.  Eric Kaiser will contact Superior Oil about the contract that was received.   Motion by Steve Hadley, second by Justin Dahl to approve the treasurer’s report as presented.   Motion carried. 

Bubbling Brook Child Care Center

Linda Bergstrand reports the change in licensing will be this month.  A floor plan showing emergency exits is needed for the daycare and Eric will get one for them.  Linda will be checking on playground equipment from a daycare center that has closed.  Justin questioned about purchasing changing stations for the bathrooms.  They cost about $200 and would install one in each bathroom.  Justin will email Mary to put in the e-news about donations to purchase them.       



Justin reports Rally Sunday went well and postcards will be sent out within the next few days informing members one of upcoming events.  Sally Halvorson informed members of a $600 collection from the barn dance and this will be given to a needy community family.  The Memorial Committee has a fund of 13 set up to help members of the community who are in need.  Sally will speak to members on Sunday of the need for donations for fund 13.


Facility Update

Eric Kaiser reports that the F-Troop members are working on church projects and enjoying spending time together.

Date/Time for Council

After a discussion among the members it was decided to have the meetings on the second Tuesday of the month at 6:30 pm.  Those dates are October 14, November 11, and December 9.

Tactical Plan Update

Eric Kaiser shared with members of a draft survey outline listing important items for the tactical plan.  There will be a final survey to be sent in a direct email to members. There is a focus group meeting October 25th from 9-12 to go over the items to develop a strategy for the presenting to the council and the congregation.  A council member will be assigned to each topic area.

New Business

Steve Hadley asked if he could speak to the congregation about the Rotary Club annual rose sale.  He informed the council of the various groups that the Rotary helps with the money they earn.  The council agreed that he could speak to the congregation about the rose sale.

Dan Schlichting reported that there has been $1,300 donated to the Memorial Committee for the kitchen.  They are looking for members to join the committee.  The council would like one of the members to attend the council meetings to keep them informed on what is going on with the Memorial Committee.


Sharon Lindberg informed the council about information on starting work on a memorial wall for interment of member’s ashes.  The Family of God Church has a Memorial Wall located at their church.  The wall had an estimated cost of $25,000 and to be able to build the wall at no cost to the church budget the Memorial Wall Committee sold the niches before it was built.  The wall has 126 niches in the two foot walls set on a concrete pad.  Engraved granite plates on the front of the niches list only the name and birth and death dates.  Steve Hadley made a motion, second by Pastor Tim to form a task force headed by Sharon Lindberg with updates reported to the council.  She will speak to the congregation on Sunday about the possibility of a Memorial Wall built at our church.  Motion carried.


Following the Lord’s Prayer the meeting was adjourned at 8:45 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Linda Britton