Council Meeting Minutes

Council Meeting Minutes May 16th 2014

Waters of Life

Church Council Meeting

May 16, 2014



The council meeting was called to order by President Roger Lindberg May 16, 2014 at 6:00 PM.  Council members present were Roger Lindberg, Deb Skoglund, Pastor Tim, Justin Dahl, Eric Kaiser, Steve Hadley and guest, Sharon Lindberg.  Roger welcomed all to the meeting and had Pastor Tim lead us with a devotional prayer.



Motion and second to approve the April minutes with a minor change including Shelby       full name. Motion carried.


Treasurer’s Report

Discussion of Bubbling Brook financials included the hope that we are close to breaking even and a strong summer program could create a positive cash flow.

The plan is to make our final payment on the Angel loan this fall.

There was concern that there is a fluctuation in giving when a special project occurs but that has no direct correlation with the floor project.

Discussion on the Bubbling Brook financial management program created more questions.  Council members are encouraged to send questions to Eric to be compiled and sent to Daniel for clarification.  Information on annual meeting was distributed to develop annual budget.  We will meet at 9:00 on Sunday, June 1st to review annual budget recommendations.


Bubbling Brook

Summer vacation Bible school will begin the first week of summer vacation for students and be coordinated with Bubbling Brook summer programming.  Hopefully, we will draw some additional school-age kids for summer program.  Scholarships will be available for vacation bible school.



A post card will be going out in June.  Growth for Marriage group is getting organized.  Helping Hands is still in discussion.  We discussed advertising for Sunday school to promote attendance.  Additional discussion centered on continuity of programming from pre-school to elementary to confirmation and finally senior high youth.




Facilities Update 5-19-14


Piano Donation

Table glass cover

Playground Expansion

Dishwasher repair

Sign disposal

Facilities “F-troop”



Facilities report included a motion to approve $130 for glass cover on table in Narthex, (Private benefactor was noted for partial funding) approved.  Motion to approve AED for church including a $500 expenditure from council with remaining funds sought from Memorial Committee or other sources. (Private benefactor was noted for partial funding)

Shelby Lindquist was contacted and does meet the expectations identified by our insurance carrier for operation of a catering service.


Annual Meeting

The Annual meeting agenda was reviewed and discussion about process was agreed with the constitution vote coming immediately after the Pastor’s opening prayer.  The budget will be handed out for people to review.  Announcements will continue about the annual meeting on June 8th.


Being no further business, following the Lord’s Prayer the meeting was adjourned at 7:46 pm.


Respectfully submitted,

Eric Kaiser