Council Meeting Minutes

Annual Meeting Minutes June 8th, 2014

Waters of Life Annual Meeting June 8, 2014




The Waters of Life Annual Meeting was called to order by Council President Roger Lindberg at 11:37 am June 8, 2014.  It was determined that a quorum of 89 congregation members were present.


Pastor Tim asked for blessings on members for this meeting.


A motion and second was made to approve the minutes from the 2013 annual meeting.  Motion carried.


A motion and second was made to approve new constitution and by-laws as presented.  Motion carried by a unanimous vote.


Ron Osborne reports that the president and one at large member of the council are up for election at this time.  As the previous vice president, Eric Kiser is nominated for president and Sally Halvorson is nominated for the at large position.  Ron called for nominations from the floor the required three times and the nominations were officially closed.  They were elected by acclimation of the church members present. The council for this year is Eric Kaiser President, Steve Hadley Vice President, Linda Britton Secretary, Deb Skoglund Treasurer, and Justin Dahl and Sally Halvorson At-Large Members. 

Ron Osborne reports that Roger Lindberg, Matt Lampi, and Lorie Bringe are nominated to the Mutual Ministry Commission.  Ron called for nominations from the floor the required three times and the nominations were officially closed.  They were elected by acclimation of the church members present.

The nominating committee for this year as reported by Ron will be Patti Anderson, Scott Lyons, Joanne Chesney, Tom Knuckey, Cyndi Hanson and Vicki Scheer.


Pastor Tim began his report by reading I Cor. 1:9 which states we were called by God into the fellowship of his Son, Jesus Christ our Lord.    He reports that our rapid growth over the last five years has been a blessing to everyone.  We stepped into our new future together with the revising of the constitution and our first by-laws.  There are anxieties to work through, hurts to heal, and trust to build.  But it is also very clear that the church is heading in the right direction and that God has important things in mind for our ministry together on the Rice Lake Road corridor.

Pastor Tim continues questioning what the future holds for Waters of Life.  He listed a few items such as enhancing the look and visibility of our building and grounds, good spiritual care and companionship for one another along life’s journey, supporting youth and families, giving ourselves in outreach and service to our community, being a congregation with multiple generations that relate to each other well and often and a place of grace where the Gospel message is heard in worship and lived out in a spirit of welcome.

We want to continue to ask God what he might have in mind for us.  Our future is not settled for in a living church the future is always open so we must continue to ask what God might be calling us to be and to do. This is not a bad thing because we are a work in progress.  We are not alone in this ministry on this busy road but are here with a living and faithful God. 

Pastor Tim finishes his report by giving thanks to the church members and for the continued ministry together.  He believes that God has amazing things in mind for this congregation and he feels blessed to be called to be a part of it.


Deb Skolund reported on the church finances of 2013, finances until April 2014, and the proposed 2015 budget.  The church income is based on pledges but there are not many pledges this year.  The 2013 actual expenses were more than anticipated because of the harsh winter.   The council has set the 2015 budget with hopes contributions will increase to pay the bills.  There is a two percent increase in compensation in 2015.  The forward in faith program as ended with some of the donations received in the first year making later donations smaller.  Eric Kaiser reminded members that equipment is getting older and repairs will be needed in the coming years.  Much thanks to Deb and Shanna for the hard work in the past year on the church finances.  Motion and second were made to approve the 2015 budget.  Motion carried.


Much thanks to Roger Lindberg for his work on the church council.


Members questioned the status of a new sign in front of the church and were told that   the council is putting information together to come to a final decision on what the sign will be.


Eric Kaiser explained about the survey available on line concerning setting a new five year plan for the church.  He requested members answer the questions in order for the council to put together information for a future meeting to come up with the new five year.


Cathy Martin spoke on her experience at the synod meeting she attended in April and recommends others attend and share the joy she had from attending.  Linda Britton and Linda Garden agreed to attend next year with Pastor Tim.


A motion and second was made to set the 2015 annual meeting for the second Sunday in June.  Motion carried.


Being no further business the 2014 annual meeting was adjourned.



Respectfully submitted,

Linda Britton, Secretary