Council Meeting Minutes

Council Minutes for March 18, 2014

Waters of Life Church Council Meeting

 March 18, 2014


The church council meeting was called to order by President Roger Lindberg at 7 pm March 18, 2014.  Members present were Roger Lindberg, Pastor Tim, Deb Skoglund, Steve Hadley, Justin Dahl, Eric Kaiser, and Linda Britton.  Also present were Linda Bergstrand and Ron Osborne.


Pastor Tim led us in devotions.


Motion by Eric Kaiser, second by Justin Dahl to approve the minutes from the February council meeting.  Motion carried.


Treasurer’s Report

Deb Skoglund discussed the changes in expenses due to the cold and snowy winter when compared to last year.  It was also noted that the offerings have been down compared to last year. 


Bubbling Brook Child Care Center

Linda Bergstrand reports that the profit from the pizza sales is good.  The paperwork for the four star rating is being finished up and submitted.  There will be an observer to score the day care to complete the process.  Linda reports there was a bit of a mess on Monday morning and the fish had been over fed so council members will make certain to have the center cleaned up after it is used on Sundays.



Justin reports that the church will not be able to be a site for Ruby’s Pantry at this time. He has checked on the Helping Hand program and we would be able to register and then see what volunteers would be able to do in the Duluth area.  We would be able to set up a program like this in our area and we will do more checking on the program. 



The narthex flooring will be installed next week.  On Sunday afternoon Eric and a few volunteers will meet at the church to remove the doors and trim them.  The floor will be started by the doorways in order to have the doors replaced on the fellowship hall as soon as possible for the day care center. 

Linda Bergstrand will check on prices for the AED. 

Members discussed the church sign but nothing has been decided for now.


Second Congregational Survey

Council members discussed what information the second survey would contain such as ranking the importance to them of a number of church programs and whether or not members are satisfied on how the programs are doing.  It was felt that being able to see the comments from the last survey would make a difference on the second survey.  Pastor Tim will send the results of the first survey to the council.




New Business

Members discussed whether or not the church insurance is adequate coverage now that the fellowship hall is being rented by a caterer.  We need to know what the insurance coverage would be in case of any problems that come up such as illness from the food prepared.  Deb will get a copy of the agreement that is used for members to go over.  Pastor Tim will contact the church insurance representative to discuss this with him. Once this is done the council will be better able to decide if the present insurance will cover the church at all times.


Following a discussion by members Justin Dahl made a motion, second by Eric Kaiser, to set the pay for a lay person for Sunday service at $75.00.  Motion carried.


Pastor Tim informed the council that the mutual ministry, when set up, could be comprised of three or four members who would have quarterly meetings with Pastor Tim.  He would set his yearly goals, work on them and report to the members throughout the year on how he is doing.


The next council meeting will be April 7th at 7 pm.


Following the Lord’s Prayer the meeting was adjourned at 9 pm.


Respectfully submitted,

Linda Britton