Council Meeting Minutes

Special Congregational Meeting December 1st 2013



Waters of Life

Special Congregational Meeting

December 1, 2013


Council President Roger Lindberg called the special congregational meeting to order at 11:40 am Sunday December 1, 2013 with the required quorum present of 84 members.  Roger explained the purpose of the meeting is to approve the updated WOL Constitution and By-laws.


Motion and second to approve the changes to the constitution and by-laws was made.  Motion carried.


A report by Roger Lindberg and Pastor Tim was given on the changes being made to the constitution.


Dene Halvorson gave a report on the duties of the Memorial Committee.  The Committee follows the requests of donors on their choice of the use of donations such as the sanctuary carpeting and kitchen items.  Dene requests that the membership of the committee be set at 12.  Motion and second to have the Memorial Committee be six to twelve members.  Motion carried.


A motion and second was made to accept the recommended Council changes to the WOL Constitution.  With a hand count of 83 the motion was carried.


Roger Lindberg explained to the members that the By-Laws list the duties and the rules for the Council. 


Craig Skoglund questioned the number of members needed to constitute a quorum for the annual meeting and wonders if there will be enough attending to meet the needed quorum.  The Council will strive to get members to attend the meetings to have the quorum reached.


Dan Lewis would like to thank Marilyn Bergmann, Steve Hadley, and Mort Moriarity for the many hours they worked to present the changes to the Constitution and By-Laws to the Council.


A motion and second was made to accept the By-Laws as presented.  With a hand count of 78 the motion was carried.


A motion and second was made to adjourn the meeting at 12:30 pm.



Respectfully submitted,



Linda Britton, Secretary