Council Meeting Minutes

Waters of Life Church Council Meeting August 11, 2014

The church council meeting was called to order by President Eric Kaiser at 6:30 pm August 11, 2014.  Members present were Eric Kaiser, Steve Hadley, Justin Dahl, Deb Skoglund, Sally Halvorson, and Linda Britton.  Also present were Linda Bergstrand, Dan Lewis, and Wells and Betty McGiffert.

Eric led us in devotions.

Members felt that the mission statement should be put on the overhead for members on some Sunday’s before worship to remind members of the goal of the church.  

Motion by Steve Hadley, second by Justin Dahl to approve minutes from the May council meeting with a few modifications.  Motion carried.


Treasurer’s Report

Deb Skoglund reports the carryover of bills from the harsh winter are causing a stress on the budget.  She will have Mary Peterson include this information in the E-news and Eric will speak about this at church on Sunday.  He will remind members of the harsh winter and that the upkeep for the church is becoming more expansive as the church ages. Deb questioned on how to choose the audit committee and it was decided to ask for volunteers from the church and not use office staff or council members.  She will find out how much time is required to do the audit and later in the year will ask for volunteers.  Steve Hadley questioned the propane expense and will contact Dan Schlichting for information on a possible better commercial rate for the coming winter.  Motion by Justin Dahl, second by Steve Hadley to approve the treasurer’s report as presented.   Motion carried. 


Bubbling Brook Child Care Center

Linda Bergstrand reports Danielle will be increasing the license for infant care in order to have an additional infant attending.  She will be hiring an additional staff person who will be a floater and help where it is needed.  The day care cook is due for a pay increase as she has not received one since she started working there.  Deb Skolund questioned the how income and expenses are doing at the day care center.  Linda Bergstrand reports that Danielle has a credit card for extra expenses during the month.  Linda reports a budget will be set up by the end of the year.



Justin reports nothing new for evangelism/outreach.



Eric reports he is working on setting up help with church maintenance when he is not available. There will be “repairs” listed as a budget item next year.    

Old/New Business

Members discussed when to hold council meetings and it was decided to have the next council meeting on September 8 beginning at 6:30pm.


Review of Constitution and B-Laws

Eric will check to see if the constitution and by-laws are on the church web site.


Tactical Plan Update

In order to keep from having extended council meetings members will meet one Sunday a month to work on the updates.


Dan Lewis reported to the council that the fertilizing of the new grounds will be done this month.  Dan showed members samples of sound proofing squares for the fellowship hall.  Motion by Justin Dahl, second by Steve Hadley to approve the sound proofing of the hall at no cost to the church.  Motion carried.  Dan will report back to the council on the work. 


Linda Bergstrand reports the cost of the AED will be $1,190 with $500 from the council and $820 from the memorial committee.  Linda will do the training on how to use the machine.  Motion by Steve Hadley, second by Justin Dahl to purchase the machine.  Motion carried. 



Following the Lord’s Prayer the meeting was adjourned at 8:40 pm.


Respectfully submitted,

Linda Britton