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Bubbling Brook Child Care Four Star Parent Aware Program

Bubbling Brook Child Care is a Christian based Center designed to meet parents’ needs for responsible childcare for their children. Bubbling Brook is committed to creating a high quality learning

environment that facilitates the healthy development of the whole child – spiritual, intellectual, physical, social and emotional.  Each classroom environment encourages social interaction along with meaningful free play periods combine with teacher led lessons and activities to prepare them for the future. 

Waters of Life Lutheran Church’s mission is to praise God, strengthen families and serve the community.  Bubbling Brook Child Care Center is an outreach to the community to facilitate the accomplishment of these goals.

Our program will provide daily lessons in Christian living, such as: praying before meals, being kind to your neighbor, Bible stories and Christian songs.  We will also incorporate a weekly “chapel” time into our toddler, preschool and school age programs.